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About Us

Selling vegan, healthy, Nigerian finger foods in a takeout and delivery setting for individuals and large gatherings.

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Our Launch

New product alert! Union Kitchen Member, Oluwatobi (Tobi) Osobukola-Abubu, founder of Fritters and Roast is bringing you the flavors of Nigerian street food with the launch of her pineapple hibiscus and watermelon hibiscus juices.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the nutritious and vegan quality of simple and delicious traditional street foods and sell them in a way that is more accessible to people.


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Clients Review

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"The bean cake texture was good and had that nice smell you get from fried dough. I thought I detected a bit of heat at the end trying to come through but I probably would have wanted a bit more. I really liked the banana fritters and enjoyed the texture. I’ve been snacking on them all day out of the fridge as well. Only thing I might have wanted with them was a bit of sugar or cinnamon on the outside. My family thought thought the packaging was nice and we really liked the design on the sticker. Thanks."

Murch Elementary Community

"There are not enough words to describe how much I love the food from Fritters and Roast. Over time, I have tried almost every item on their menu and they are all delicious. They have a range of items from a little savory to a little sweet that will cater to almost everyone, from children to adults. Their food is always warm, fresh, and accompanied by a delightful tomato stew dipping sauce that is delightful. Their food is absolutely outstanding. I can recommend them enough for catering and events!"

Dania Douglas

"I had never tried Nigerian food before Fritters & Roast's banana fritters and after that I was hooked! The banana fritters are delicious and have just the right amount of sweetness; my favorite is the bean cake with onion and tomato sauce, super flavorful and satisfying! And the fact that everything is vegan is an extra bonus. Everything on the menu is great, order a box and try it all!"

Samantha Meacham
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Our Past Event